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Suspension Repair in Lexington, Kentucky

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Being comfortable behind the wheel is essential for your confidence and safety. Southside Auto Repair has ensured a smooth, comfortable ride for motorists in Lexington, KY, since 1968. Often the source of an uncomfortable ride is a damaged suspension component. If you are experiencing a bouncy ride, leaning vehicle, bottoming out, or your steering wheel is off center, it’s time to call the suspension repair experts at Southside Auto Repair. Suspension noises like grinding, squeaking, or clunking can also indicate the need for suspension repair. It’s vital to address suspension problems as soon as you notice them to avoid further damage and ensure the safety and reliability of your vehicle. Make us your first call when something doesn’t feel or sound right. Ignoring the problem will only worsen and could put you and others in harm’s way. It can also lead to additional issues like uneven tire wear resulting in the need for new tires, wheel alignment, and other auto repair services. This means higher costs, more time in the shop, and increased stress for you, and we don’t want that. We’ll diagnose and fix the problem, so you don’t have to worry.