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Tire Service in Lexington, Kentucky

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Recognizing Tire Problems

Tires are the only thing between you and the road, so proper care and maintenance are essential for safety. In Lexington, KY, Southside Auto Repair is the area’s leader in premium tire service! Maintaining proper air pressure and tread depth keeps you safe on the road while improving gas mileage and saving you money. The bad news is that tires don’t last forever. During tire service, our ASE-Certified mechanics inspect for tire damage, including punctures, bulges, cuts, cracks, and uneven tread wear. If we spot a problem, we’ll alert you immediately and provide expert advice on the next steps. In between visits to Southside Auto Repair, remember to conduct visual inspections of your tires to sidestep trouble down the road. Other warning signs include poor handling, decreased fuel efficiency, tire vibrations, and your car pulling to one side. Whether you experience a symptom or your TPMS sensor is triggered, call us so we can fix the problem and safely return you to the road. Ignoring a problem puts you at risk of accidents and can lead to further damage. Visiting us for routine maintenance is the best way to ensure a smooth, safe, and efficient driving experience.