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Caring for Your AC System

Kentucky summers bring the heat. You rely on your car’s AC system to keep you cool and comfortable. How can you improve efficiency and extend the life of your cooling system while avoiding major car AC repairs? Turn to the ASE-Certified pros at Southside Auto Repair in Lexington, KY. First, follow your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule to know when it’s time for car AC service. Next, count on our team for quality auto services such as belt and hose inspection, cabin air filter replacement, and refrigerant recharge. Our shop is equipped with the new 1234YF refrigerant machine, so we’re capable of servicing all makes and models, new and old. Services like condenser cleaning and evaporator cleaning to remove debris are also essential parts of our maintenance. Lastly, there’s the compressor, the heart of the AC system. Over time, it can become damaged or fail, so an inspection helps stay in front of major car AC repairs by spotting an issue before it becomes destructive. Take care of your AC system, and it will take care of you by keeping you cool and comfortable for the long road ahead.