Top 5 Fall Auto Maintenance Tips

Now that the summer heat is fading, we can look forward to cooler evenings and more rain in the forecast. Fall is the perfect time to get up-to-date on all your fall auto maintenance before winter sets in. Inspecting your tires, alignment, and shocks & struts will ensure your vehicle can safely navigate the changing weather conditions. Replacing your worn wipers and battery will keep you driving with confidence, no matter what mother nature sends your way.

Schedule Your Fall Auto Maintenance

It is vital to set aside some time to perform these top 5 fall auto maintenance items. If you are more comfortable having your service technician do these inspections, then call or stop in for a service. If it is time for your routine oil change, simply tack on a multi-point inspection for these other items to make sure your vehicle is as safe as it can be.


Your vehicle’s tires are in constant contact with the road and you should be inspect them at least once every couple of weeks. You should also monitor the treadwear and depth, and address any abnormalities as soon as possible. Proper air pressure is also important to check frequently, especially in the fall. Seasonal changes in the temperature can really affect your tire pressure. So, be prepared to add or remove air in your tires if the temperature drops or rises dramatically.


Routinely checking your car’s alignment helps reduce excessive wear on the tires. It can also improve gas mileage and the overall efficiency of your vehicle. Check your owner’s manual to see if your vehicle has a suggested alignment schedule. A good rule of thumb is to bring your vehicle in for an alignment service once a year or if you notice:
  • Vehicle pulls to one side while driving in a straight line
  • Steering is not centered when driving straight ahead
  • Uneven tire tread wear

Shocks & Struts

Over time, the performance of your vehicle may decrease as your shocks and struts wear out. Following your routine maintenance schedule outlined in your owner’s manual may help keep your vehicle driving like new. If you notice that your ride quality has become rougher, or you hear knocks when driving over bumps or when cornering, it is time to schedule a service.

Battery Check

Give your battery a good once-over and make sure the connections are free of corrosion. If they need to be cleaned, you can use baking soda, cool water, and a cleaning brush to gently remove any buildup. Check that the connections are tight and that the battery is fastened down securely. If your battery has removable caps, check the fluid levels. Add clean distilled water if the levels are low. A service technician can also check the charge levels and let you know if your battery is getting close to the end of its life and should be replaced soon.


Fall is a great time to inspect and replace your windshield wipers. The intense summer heat can dry out the slender rubber wiper blades and cause them to warp out of shape. Make sure to thoroughly clean your windshield frequently to help prolong the life of your wipers.

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