Five Key Points to Know About Auto Repair in Lexington, Kentucky

Five Key Points to Know About Auto Repair in Lexington, Kentucky

It may be the Horse Capital of the World, but Lexington, Ky., is full of automotive professionals. And, when it’s time to visit one of them, here are some things to keep in mind.

1. Experience Matters

The Lexington Motor Car Company started making vehicles in this town way back in 1908. And, just as Lexington has long experience with cars, so too does a reputable auto repair specialist. That is, a car owner should seek a pro who’s had hands-on training. Ideal mechanics have also been in business for at least a few years. And motorists should look for someone who’s previously worked on the make and model that they drive.

2. Many Choices to Narrow Down

According to a 2019 report from the Philadelphia Fed and the Cleveland Fed, Lexington is one of the 10 best cities in the U.S. for mechanics and other skilled trade professionals. Indeed, the city offers great schools for mechanics and plenty of job opportunities. With so many mechanics in town, though, how does a person find the right one? Well, consumers should try to find someone who’s earned many glowing online reviews. They can turn to friends, coworkers and family members for recommendations as well.

3. Credentials, Credentials

It’s wise to request the credentials of a mechanic before entrusting him or her with vehicle repair. The state of Kentucky does not license mechanics. Even so, auto repair pros in Lexington should hold one or more certifications. For example, they might have a seal of approval from AAA or the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence. Better Business Bureau accreditation is a sign of outstanding customer service, too.

4. Getting an Estimate

Before hiring a mechanic, a car owner should ask for a signed estimate. This document gives people an idea of the labor and parts costs. It should also specify which auto repair services will be done. And it should guarantee that no extra work will be performed unless the customer gives his or her express permission.

5. Thinking About Prevention

It’s crucial to keep up with oil changes, brake jobs and other automotive maintenance tasks. Of course, owner’s manuals let drivers know what must be done and how often. What’s more, people shouldn’t delay making an auto repair appointment when something’s out of the ordinary with a car. Maybe it’s a strange sound, smell or vibration. Maybe the vehicle’s not responding correctly. Whatever it is, it’s time for a safety inspection. It’s not worth compromising drivability or making a problem worse. In the end, those with trustworthy mechanics can enjoy peace of mind as they cruise past Lexington’s homey streets, horse farms and bluegrass fields. For such expertise, Lexington drivers can always call Southside Auto Repair at 859-359-8412 to make an appointment. Sources:

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